Pediatric Pathology Interest Group (P.P.I.G.)

The Pediatric Pathology Interest Group was formed in January 1995 by several pathologists working in different hospitals in Hong Kong. The aim is to provide an opportunity for discussion and experience sharing in perinatal, pediatric and placental pathology. This is particularly important in a place like Hong Kong, where there is no designated children's hospital.

We meet regularly once every 3 months. Members are encouraged to present as many cases as possible. The cases are viewed in a multi-head microscope. Kodachrome slides and handouts are optional. Recuts on interesting cases are distributed to members.

Working together as a group, we presented 2 abstracts:

  1. Classification of perinatal autopsy by the Wigglesworth classification in the Sixth Annual Scientific Meeting of the HKIAP on 15/11/1997.
  2. Review of Perinatal Autopsies by the Wigglesworth Classification in the Eighth Annual Scientific Meeting of HKIAP on 27-28/11/1999

In May 1997, we conducted a slide seminar on Pediatric Pathology in the Histopathology Course organised by the HKIAP.

We have also assisted in organizing two educational activities for local pathologists:

  1. In October 2001, we have invited Dr. C.W. Chow from the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne in Australia to give a series of lectures on contemporary issues in Pediatric Pathology.
  2. In March 2002, we have invited Dr. Cheryl Coffin and Dr. Beverly Rogers from U.S.A to give a course 'Update on Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology' as a commissioned training program sponsored by the Hospital Authority.

We have several regular and active members. Click here to contact our members.

Dr. Ng Wai Fu Yan Chai Hospital
Dr. Fu Kin Hang Tseung Kwan O Hospital
Dr. To Ka Fai Prince of Wales Hospital
Dr. Ivy Luk United Christian Hospital
Dr. Teresa Thomas Kwong Wah Hospital
Dr. Yan Kin Wing Queen Elizabeth Hospital hk

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