Welcome to the Slide Exchange Club!

Here you will find interesting cases for self-education. A set of microscopic slides for 10 cases will be mailed to each member bimonthly. The case histories and discussions are posted on this website.
Each yearly cycle starts in July with 6 mailings per year. The last mailing for each cycle is devoted to a special theme. (Click here to see previous topics)


Membership information
Members are recruited on an institutional basis. Preferences are given to Pathology institutes in Hong Kong and Macau.
Each participant institute must contribute at least 1 case per yearly cycle to maintain membership status.
Write to the coordinator (Dr William W.L. Lam : wlwlam@yahoo.com) if you wish to apply for membership for your institution.


How to submit a case
30 sets of microscopic slides are required for each case. Prepare a discussion sheet (in electronic format on diskettes or via email) to include the following information:

  • Original case no.
  • Name and affiliation of the contributor(s)
  • Clinical history
  • Special studies if any
  • Diagnosis
  • Points of interest

The gross pictures and photomicrographs of special stains may be included in electronic format if applicable.

Send the material to the coordinator:

Dr William W.L. Lam
Department of Pathology
Princess Margaret Hospital
Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Email: wlwlam@yahoo.com

CME activity
The Hong Kong College of Pathologists designates this education activity for:
3 points per mailing (under Self Study), up to a maximum of 45 points for a 3-year cycle; or
1 point (under Active Participation) is awarded for contributing a case, up to a maximum of 75 points for a 3-year cycle.


More about our Club
The Slide Exchange Club was founded in July 1998 by Dr. John Chan to facilitate sharing of interesting histopathology cases among different hospitals. In July 2002, our Club is affiliated with the HKIAP, which offers a website for better communication.
A coordinator is responsible for organizing the activities in each yearly cycle. (Click here to see the past and present coordinators)





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