Interhospital Musculoskeletal Pathology Meeting

Musculoskeletal pathology is a difficult subject due to the scarcity of cases encountered in each hospital, rendering accumulation of experience not feasible in smaller centres. Several same-minded histopathologists gathered together and set up the Interhospital Musculoskeletal Pathology Meeting with the objective of maximizing experience through sharing interesting cases on a regular basis. Each member contributes 1-2 cases with the slides and relevant clinical information distributed to each participating hospital 2 - 3 weeks beforehand. The radiological findings will be shown during the meeting to achieve clinico-radiological-pathological correlation. Points of interest specific to pathologists can then be discussed thoroughly. Participants now include Dr. Alex Chan (QEH), Dr. Florence Cheung (PYNEH), Dr. Louis Chow (PWH) and Dr. Tony Shek (QMH).

Time : First Saturday of the month, every 3 - 4 months
9:00 - 10:30am
Venue : Seminar Room, 9/F, M Block, QEH
Coordinator : Dr. FLORENCE CHEUNG
(Tel. No. : 2595 5254; e-mail address :

Application for CME recognition has been approved. The next session is scheduled on 7th September 2002. Those interested please contact the coordinator for more information.

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